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Reducing waste

Lean Six Sigma is all about reducing waste and increasing value - in the eyes of your customer. By identifying waste and focusing on value, you and your team can become more efficient, engaged, and successful.


Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is for individuals and teams committed to identifying waste and learning how to work together to bring more value to customers. Opal’s Lean Six Sigma workshops create an inspirational environment, and introduce the right mix of understandable and actionable tools. By the end of each workshop, team members will be able to explain, apply, and coach others to adopt what they have learned. Ready to start improving broken processes, engaging with your colleagues, and building a culture of continuous improvement? Read on to discover which workshop meets your needs, and get in touch.


Building stronger professionals

Please contact us for a free 60-minute coaching consultation. We offer the following coaching services, each with a money-back guarantee.


Lean Six Sigma : Combination of Coaching and Workshop sessions designed to move the dial on significant areas of focus (price varies)


  • Lean Six Sigma Coaching, Lean Six Sigma Consulting, & Lean Six Sigma Tutoring

“Lela is passionate about quality and continuous improvement. She loves to learn new methods and tools, and use those for positive outcomes. Lela loves to teach and mentor others to spread her learnings. Lela is especially interested in developing and delivering training curriculums that go beyond teaching tools…”

Cheryl Holden, Master Black Belt

"Lela is a coach, consultant and facilitator extraordinaire--innovative, high-energy, engaging, and results-driven--consistently bringing forth the best in individuals and teams and raising the bar on every metric of  performance, learning and collaboration.  She is dynamic, inspired and tenacious--a full-on catalyst and experienced change-maker."

Lance Lee, PhD, Senior Partner, Center for Creative Leadership/Managing Partner, ExecCatalyst


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