What is the secret ingredient for building a great team?

You. You are the secret ingredient for building a great team.


You are reading this article because you want to build a better team and you want to learn new ways to go about it. The best way I have found, and I have built some amazing teams, is to bring my passion and my best self to the activity. When my best self brings out the best of others – great things happen for important causes.


How do you bring your best self? What if you are super-analytical and not as strong in your soft skills? What if you are expressive, and not as great at strategic planning? What if you don’t have a lot of confidence, or what if you sometimes have too much confidence?


The way to bring your best self is to know, accept, and develop your best self through an intentional framework. The way to bring out the best of others is to know, accept – truly accept – and develop their best selves through this same intentional framework.


Gallup’s Q12 Engagement survey can measure whether your team is all-in or not (ie bringing their best selves to the table.) And Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment can report back on each person’s unique and individual talents.


Once you are poised with this data, Opal has a program and framework to help you be intentional about your and your team’s development.

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